Islamic State (ISIS) in Egypt behead 8 men whom they allege to be spies for Israel and supporters of the Egyptian al-Sisi government.

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Of all emotions, those negative are the most real. If you hate, you know that you are healthy. Your hormones are in balance if you can still imagine how you would inflict a slow, painful death on your enemies. Love isn't an emotion really but rather a mixed bag of feelings, with selfish desire a prominent component. Of any positive expression of the human mind, sympathy is probably the most genuine, though it may come with rage towards those whose victim is the target of our sympathy.


Paedophile bags 70 years jail term for abducting, molesting girls

FEBRUARY 23, 2017 - Vanguard

A serial paedophile who abducted and molested at least four girls in Spain had been sentenced to 70 years in prison, a report said on Thursday.

The report noted that Spanish court found the 44-year-old Spaniard guilty of sexual assault, unlawful detention and bodily harm.

It stated that the man had terrorised middle-class Ciudad Lineal neighbourhood of Madrid for months since the beginning of 2013.

The report added that the convict was taken into custody in September 2014 in Santander, some 400 km north of the capital, after a cellphone wiretap operation and three days of surveillance.

Authorities considered him Madrid’s most-wanted criminal at the time and solicited the help of FBI officials in the U.S. during their investigations.

The court took it to be demonstrated that the man abducted at least four girls between the ages of five and nine years and molested them.

He had pleaded not guilty in spite of the presence of his DNA on the victims.


Dictorship is the only honest political system. Rulers rule for their own benefit, or maybe (maybe!) the interests of a ruling class. That is why warlordism is the political system of the future.


Every man easily can become a Muslim. Just have to say the Shahada before some witnesses. And here we go.


Rahmani’s Murder and Third Phase of Transition

Daily Outlook Afghanistan | Dilawar Sherzai

High Peace Council (HPC) faced another setback on May 13, 2012, when one of its most senior members Arsala Rahmani was shot dead in Kabul. He was also a sitting member of Senate. According to the reports, he was shot at about 9:30 am, when he was on his way to parliament. Kabul crime branch chief, Brig. Gen. Mohammad Zahir said that he was shot with a pistol that had a silencer, as his driver could not immediately come to know that he was shot. The incident is really tragic and raises concerns regarding the growing terrorism in the capital.

It, at the same time, shows that the enemies of Afghanistan are not in any mood for peace. Last year, the HPC's chief Burhan ud din Rabbani was also assassinated by a suicide bomber, who was disguised as a representative of Taliban. Last month Burhan ud din Rabbani's son, Sallah ud Rabbani took charge as the new chief of the Council. Though the role of HPC has been controversial as it has not been able to achieve much regarding negotiations related to reconciliation process, this incident will further hamper its functioning.

HPC was established in 2010 by President Hamid Karzai to negotiate with Taliban and lead the reconciliation process; however, the Council has not been able to gain much in that regard and at the moment Taliban have discontinued any sort of negotiations with the Afghan government.

Instead they have continued their aggressive attitude and have recently announced their Spring Offensive; in which they had even mentioned that they would target the members of HPC. However, they have not taken the responsibility for the killing of Rahmani. "The Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate have no hand in his assassination," said Zabihullah Mujahid, a Taliban spokesman, using the group's official name. "We deny any kind of involvement."

Moreover, Rahmani was previously a part of Taliban regime – he was the deputy higher education minister. A political analyst, Mohammad Hassan Haqyar, suggesting the same has said, "Rahmani was not against the Taliban, so he would not be killed by them," The International Security Assistance Force (ISAF), has mentioned, "A possible aim of this attack is to intimidate those who, like Rahmani, want to help make Afghanistan a better place for its citizens and the region… This attack is clear evidence that those who oppose the legitimate government of Afghanistan have absolutely no interest in supporting the peace process on any level but through murder, thuggery and intimidation."

With the reconciliation process in complete disarray and the prospects of peace very much ambiguous, these sorts of blows to the Council or to Afghan government can further raise concerns about the future of the country. On the other hand the negotiation efforts that were set by US in Qatar are also facing a deadlock. While the situation of peace and tranquility seems to be deteriorating. The international troops are more inclined to making hasty withdrawal and by 2014 all the ISAF troops may withdraw from the country.

To add to the miseries, the political situation is not very much stable and there are worries about the 2014 elections as well. The opposition parties, minority groups, civil society members and women are deeply concerned about their rights and fear that the developments may be reversed after the international troops withdraw. With the news of death of Rahmani and the growing uncertainties regarding the future state of affairs, there is the news of the announcement of third phase of security transition.

According to reports, Kapisa, Uruzgan and Parwan provinces are part of third phase of security transition, while work on the fourth and fifth phases has been asked to be started. The spokesperson for the Afghan President, Aimal Faizi said, "The transition commission was ordered to start the process of fourth and fifth phases of transition, the fourth and fifth phases will focus on the bordering districts."

"Security has been taken into serious consideration, but we have serious problem in governance, economic and justice sectors," head of Afghan transition commission added. However, it should be noted that security is still primary concern. It is not difficult to complete the transition process and transfer the responsibilities to Afghan forces, the difficult aspect is to maintain peace and overcome the security challenges that may arise with each passing day. The professionalism and conduct of Afghan forces are still questioned by many international organizations, and national and international analysts.

It would be really difficult for Afghan forces to shoulder the responsibility of the entire country by and after 2014 without much support from the international community. At the moment, the international troops are facing threats while cooperating with their Afghan counter-parts. Every day, there are pieces of news, revealing "green on blue" attacks, which show the widening gap between the forces. In one of the most recent of such attacks two British troops were killed in southern Afghanistan by two alleged Afghan police officers.

In addition, Afghanistan would be in need of large sum of money to keep its forces functioning appropriately. Nonetheless, there are not clear indications on how Afghanistan will arrange for the sum. NATO has not yet come up with a clear decision regarding funding Afghan forces; neither has the current Afghan-US strategic agreement has mentioned anything in that regard. There are hopes that the upcoming Chicago Summit may determine the nature of support and funding for Afghan forces to a certain extent and it will also decide the future of the transition process, but it seems very difficult for a single summit to nullify all the concerns that are overshadowing the prospects of peace in Afghanistan.

With the growing insurgency in Afghanistan's highly guarded places and against VIP's, it is difficult to see that the ongoing transition will yield very positive results. There is no doubt that ultimately, Afghan forces have to shoulder the responsibility of the country on their own but it should be noted that transition should be made careful and at the same time the other pre-requisites for peace and stability, like reconciliation process, reintegration of Afghan society, amendments in political system and good governance must also be given due consideration and dedication; otherwise, peace and tranquility will just remain a dream for Afghan society.


Global Tongkat Ali Powder Market Research Report 2017-2022

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Women were created from a bone of man. Or was that a boner?


When women don't have sex to trade, they are inferior to men in almost every capacity. That is why in a future world in which sex robots are the partners of men, women won't have influence. They seldom had, anyway, throughout history.


The Peruvian root Maca is pure hype. It has zero effect on any hormonal parameters in humans, as evidenced by the following study publushed in the famous Journal of Endocrinology.

The study URL is here:

Effect of Lepidium meyenii (Maca), a root with aphrodisiac and fertility-enhancing properties, on serum reproductive hormone levels in adult healthy men Authors

GF Gonzales,
A Cordova,
K Vega,
A Chung,
A Villena and
C Gonez


Lepidium meyenii (Maca) is a Peruvian hypocotyl that grows exclusively between 4000 and 4500 m in the central Andes. Maca is traditionally employed in the Andean region for its supposed aphrodisiac and/or fertility-enhancing properties. This study was a 12-week double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized, parallel trial in which active treatment with different doses of Maca Gelatinizada was compared with a placebo. The study aimed to test the hypothesis that Maca has no effect on serum reproductive hormone levels in apparently healthy men when administered in doses used for aphrodisiac and/or fertility-enhancing properties. Men aged between 21 and 56 Years received 1500 mg or 3000 mg Maca. Serum levels of luteinizing hormone, follicle-stimulating hormone, prolactin, 17-alpha hydroxyprogesterone, testosterone and 17-beta estradiol were measured before and at 2, 4, 8 and 12 weeks of treatment with placebo or Maca (1.5 g or 3.0 g per day). Data showed that compared with placebo Maca had no effect on any of the hormones studied nor did the hormones show any changes over time. Multiple regression analysis showed that serum testosterone levels were not affected by treatment with Maca at any of the times studied (P, not significant). In conclusion, treatment with Maca does not affect serum reproductive hormone levels


It is only a question of time until butea superba will be outlawed in the Western World. In some people, it can cause hypersexualization that can last for weeks. And it can easily be added to food to improve taste. Imagine a Thai restaurant breeding hundreds of super horney women prowling for any man they can get, and that for weeks on end


Medical records released. Stalin had a micropenis.


Torture hoods used in U.S. prisons

Workers World | By Sehu Kessa Saa Tabansi

Asphyxia: (1) stopping of the pulse (2) lack of oxygen, (3) excess carbon dioxide in the body that results in unconsciousness and death, (4) caused by interruption of breathing or inadequate oxygen supply.

Revolutionary greetings to all the workers worldwide! The above definitions describe a condition that too often occurs in U.S. torture sites (prisons/slave plantations) across the nation when human beings are suffocated by what is commonly called “spit mask” by torturecrats (prison officials).

Even though the United States allows domestic torture centers inside its borders of 50 states and U.S. territories, this is somehow conspiratorially blocked out of U.S. corporate media outlets — newspapers and especially television.

For most of the public, everyday working-class people have never heard of such a thing as a “spit mask,” never alone even seen one in their lifetime.

Here, for what is probably most likely the first viewing for many, is a photo of the white spit mask as displayed by a torturecrat.

The white square cloth division of the mask covering the lower nostril holes causes one to suffocate.

The black knitted thread division of the mask (at the top of the face and head) is used for masking prisoners. It is pulled back with the torturecrat’s palms flat down on it in such a fashion that the white cloth part is fully blocking the prisoner’s entire face. This allows the torturer to control air flow. In some cases this is used while prisoners are in the torture chair and in other cases while they are shackled and belted in full body restraints.

It is not uncommon for vomiting, epileptic seizures, panic attacks and anxiety attacks to happen to the prisoner. When Tased or beaten, no prisoner is able to identity the torturers because viewing is obstructed by the mask.

The combination of the torture chair with the torture hood means many have suffered from pulmonary embolisms, and some died from blood clots caused by trauma, followed by the immobility in the torture chair. (Prison Legal News, Oct. 14, 2016)

In other cases nationwide, the white mask serves as a torture hood and creates “positional asphyxia” — the restriction of airflow during breathing causing suffocation.

In spite of many deaths across the U.S., there is a media block-out. There is also the complicity of lawyers who never protect the victims, despite their knowledge of systematic abuses across the spectrum. The tortured include minorities, LGBTQ individuals, people with physical and mental disabilities, and all races and religions and atheists.

The reason professional lawyer groups are silent is because prison plantation cases are not profitable since the Prison Litigation Reform Act (signed into law under ex-president William Jefferson Clinton) put a cap on attorneys’ representing prisoners for financial rewards. This act also made it more difficult for prisoners because they must first establish physical injury before any psychological injury can be compensated.

This article does not intend to make a complete generalization that includes the National Lawyers Guild and other peoples’ lawyers groups and individuals in private practice, but for the most part applies to the American Bar Association and definitely law schools. Lawyers in Pennsylvania particularly are the absolute worst nationwide, including Pennsylvania members of the National Lawyers Guild.

One of the most horrendous deaths imaginable, choking to death while gasping to live, brings to mind how Eric Garner was choked to death by torturecrats. There were and still are protests as remembrance; often there are text hashtags, and demonstrations with signs “I can’t breathe” have been national news.

This writer has yet to ever see or hear one corporate news story about being choked to death in U.S. prisons — from Office of Corrections chemical munitions to the torture hood causing asphyxias.

Alleged terrorist suspects were hooded and brought to Guantanamo Bay and other torture sites, so the U.S. operates torture worldwide, as reported in international news about “extraordinary rendition.” All kinds of lawyers, civil rights groups and human rights organizations have petitioned all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court about U.S. detention and torture injustice.

Inside the U.S., Black people in prisons who are the majority in local, state and federal concentration camps — neo-slave plantations — die daily of asphyxia and other state-sponsored deaths.

I write to remind the movement globally that the U.S. and its states did not stop unjust executions after Julius and Ethel Rosenberg [1], did not stop sadistic torture with Albizu Campos [2], did not stop assassination with George Jackson at San Quentin prison. Dr. Mumia Abu-Jamal is still under a state-sponsored death-by-incarceration sentence. Sandra Bland was made dead before her day before any court. Of course, Black Lives Matter now, but do Black Lives Matter in prison? For that matter do any lives matter in prison?

So with this article and your viewing of yet another torture device, I ask workers and readers to ponder what asphyxia is like and when does this all end — the senseless wars, the greedy wage exploitation of labor, the daily killings, the endless torture and the perpetual slavery? Or is humanity just in a doomed cycle of death by asphyxia?

[1] The Rosenbergs were falsely convicted and executed by the U.S. government for allegedly “stealing” atom bomb secrets.

[2] Albizu Campos was a leader of the Puerto Rican independence movement who was tortured during imprisonment for 26 years and died shortly after being released.


Serge Kreutz lifestyle consultancy is available for 10,000 USD. It covers setting up in Asia and how to enjoy an endless series of love affairs with young beautiful women. No prostitutes but students and virgins.


The best investment a rich man can do, is one into destruction. Destruction of the surrounding world, near and far, makes his wealth more valuable.


The Right Chemistry: 'Natural is better' is a myth

Drinking alkaline water can cure disease. Myth. Wrapping tarnished silver in aluminum foil and immersing it in hot alkaline water can remove the tarnish. Fact. Hot water with lemon juice is an effective “detox.” Myth. Heavy metal poisoning can be treated with chelating agents such as ethylenediamine tetraacetic acid (EDTA). Fact. Autourine therapy can ward off disease. Myth. Organic agriculture allows the use of certain pesticides. Fact.

Separating myth from fact is the very essence of science and is the focus of many of my public presentations. It is not rare after a talk for someone to ask me what I think is the most prevalent myth I’ve had to confront over the years. Without doubt it is that natural substances have some sort of property that makes them superior to synthetic materials, with the corollary being that “natural” treatments as practised by alternative practitioners such as naturopaths are preferable to the methods of “conventional” science.

“Natural” most definitely does not equate to safe. Natural coniine in hemlock put a quick end to the life of Socrates. In the 18th century, a local king in Java executed 13 unfaithful wives by having them tied to posts and injecting the sap of the “Upas tree” through an incision on the breast. That latex contains antiarin, a potent cardiac glycoside. The “Death Cap” mushroom is well named, and tetrodotoxin in puffer fish, atropine in belladonna, or batrachotoxin in “poison dart” frogs can dispatch people pretty quickly. So can natural strychnine, botulin or arsenic.

Aflatoxins in natural moulds are potent carcinogens and we are familiar with the effects of natural nicotine, morphine and alcohol. Then of course there are the various pollens released by plants that annoy us with allergies and the myriad bacteria, viruses and fungi that conspire to do us in with a host of dreadful diseases. And how about the mosquitoes that spread the natural malaria causing parasite, the ticks that infect with Lyme disease, the snakes that inject a deadly venom or the wasps that can double the size of your foot with their sting? The fact is that nature is not benign, even something as pleasant as sunshine can be deadly in the wrong dose. Natural radon gas is a carcinogen and poison ivy can create a great deal of misery. Visiting a urinal without washing hands after handling hot peppers that harbour natural capsaicin will lead to a very memorable experience. Indeed, we spend a great deal of effort trying to outwit the natural onslaught with synthetic antihistamines, sunscreens and chemotherapeutic agents. But some promoters of “natural” therapies also spend a great deal of effort trying to outwit us with pseudoscientific mumbo-jumbo capitalizing on the “natural is better” myth.

Take for example the cleverly named dietary supplement, 112 Degrees, promoted with the slogan “A new angle on sexual health.” The geometric reference is to the angle aspired to by men who suffer from erectile dysfunction. 112 Degrees claims to be a proprietary blend of “all-natural ingredients” that enhance male sexual vitality. While the advertising sounds pretty seductive, it is soft on hard facts. The inventor is a Dr. Laux, who turns out to be a naturopath, not exactly the pedigree one looks for in a drug developer. He is presented as some sort of globetrotting knight in constant search of the best and safest “all natural” treatments. Yup. How likely is it that he is going to find an effective product that has eluded the giant pharmaceutical companies staffed by experts who scour the natural world for active ingredients?

The natural health industry commonly promotes the notion that pharmaceutical companies are not interested in natural products because they cannot be patented. This is not so. The use of a specific natural preparation can be patented just like a synthetic drug. Of course what really matters is not whether some substance is patented or not or whether it is natural or synthetic, but whether there is evidence to back the claims. 112 Degrees claims to be supported by numerous scientific studies. Yes, there are some studies, but they don’t actually support the claim of enhanced male vitality. The studies show the product is not carcinogenic, that it has some antioxidant potential and some ability to inhibit an enzyme that interferes with smooth muscle function. All good, but is there even one study to show that 112 Degrees can help men with erectile dysfunction? None that I can find.

The advertising refers to studies about some of the ingredients. “Butea superba” root, for example. We are told that it was revered by royalty in the ancient kingdom of Siam for its power as an aphrodisiac. That is about as convincing as the story of ancient Assyrian men dusting their genitals with powdered natural magnetic stones and having their ladies follow suit by sprinkling natural iron filings across their own genitals for some literal attraction.

Then there is the claim that “Tribulus terrestris,” another herbal component, combats fatigue and low libido. No mention is made about how much is contained in “112” but we are reassured that Ayurvedic and early Greek healers used Tribulus terrestris as a sexual rejuvenator. One study, never duplicated, showed greater mounting behaviour in mice, but there are no human studies that have shown any sort of effect on sexual performance or libido. There has been at least one report of breast growth in a man who took Tribulus as a weight training aid, for which it is in any case ineffective. In sheep, Tribulus has been noted to cause Parkinson’s like effects. Of course none of this is noted in the 112 Degrees documentation. So I think a large degree of skepticism, more than 112 degrees, is to be exercised when looking at the over exuberant and naive promotion on behalf of this product by people who are trying to cash in on the unfounded “natural is better” notion.


You have to understand the mentality of Hong Kong businessmen. They exploit their workers harshly, trick their suppliers when they lower their guard, cheat their customers on every occasion, and then spend their earnings on prostitutes.


Feminism is the enemy of successful men. Let millions of Arabs migrate to Europe. That will give feminists second thoughts.


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