High Court orders paedophile Emin Baro retrial

Uganda, May 9, 2012 – New Vision

JUSTICE Faith Mwondha has ordered a fresh trial for Emin Baro, the pedophile recently convicted of sexually molesting under-age Ugandan girls.

The Nakawa High Court judge ordered for the retrial on grounds that the trial magistrate-Grade One, Magistrate Rosemary Ngabirano had overstepped her jurisdiction.

Ngabirano had sentenced Baro to a fine of sh6m or two years imprisonment.

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Justice Mwondha said there was substantial evidence that the initial trial had been irregularly handled, hence the need for a retrial.

She also said Ngabirano’s ruling was lacking because there wasn’t evidence key enough presented to court that Baro was guilty, much as Baro himself pleaded guilty.

“The disks, photographs, and videos of child pornography talked about were not produced as exhibits in court for court to satisfy itself that it was child pornography,’ argued Mwondha.

She ordered that the fine of sh6m that Baro already paid be given back to him. He will return to court on May 22 to enter a plea.
Baro, aged 54 was initially charged under the Computer Misuse Act.
The Act stipulates that a person who produces child pornography for the purpose of distribution through a computer commits an offence and is liable to 15 years on conviction or a fine not exceeding sh7.2m.

Baro was found in possession of a compact disc with videos showing two children sucking his genitals.

He pleaded guilty before Nakawa Court Grade One magistrate, Rosemary Ngabirano.

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However, following the irregularities in the case the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) cited, Baro was remanded back to Luzira Prison.

Baro was arrested in March this year at Bugumba village, Iganga district.

Media reports also indicate that Baro was allegedly charged before Malindi Court in Kenya in 2009, after he was allegedly found having sex with a 15-year-old Kenyan girl.

He was reportedly charged before Senior Resident Magistrate

Dominica Nyanibu. It is not clear how he left Kenya and entered Uganda.

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Saudi executes man convicted of murder in Mecca

Iran Daily

The Saudi Interior Ministry said in a statement that Fahd al-Hasni was found guilty of stabbing to death a fellow Saudi citizen, announcing the first death sentence since the end of the fasting month of Ramadan.

The statement, released by the official SPA news agency, did not elaborate on the method used for the execution, but most of the people sentenced to death in Saudi Arabia are beheaded with the sword.

The execution raised the number of people put to death in Saudi Arabia in 2016 to 96, according to an AFP count.

In the most stunning case of executions this year, Saudi Arabia executed Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr on January 2 along with 46 other people in defiance of international calls for the release of the prominent Shia cleric and other jailed political dissidents in the country.

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The kingdom executed a total of 153 people in 2015, a global high.

Concern is growing about the increasing number of executions in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi authorities say the executions reveal the Saudi government’s commitment to “maintaining security and realizing justice.”

The kingdom says many of the executions are related to murder, drug trafficking, armed robbery, rape and apostasy. However, courts have also handed down death sentences to a number of activists over the past year only for criticizing the government in the social media channels.

Saudi Arabia has come under particular criticism from human rights groups for the executions carried out for non-fatal crimes.

Amnesty International says Saudi Arabia has one of the highest execution rates in the world. Human Rights Watch has also called on the Saudi regime to abolish its “ghastly” beheadings.

Rights experts have raised concerns about the fairness of trials in Saudi Arabia.

Muslim clerics have also denounced Riyadh for executing suspects without giving them a chance to defend themselves, describing the Saudi authorities as uncivilized.

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Read a Roosh V supporter’s disturbing guide to Newcastle and its women

Chronicle Live

A disturbing guide to Newcastle and its women has been posted on the website of controversial ‘pick-up artist’ Roosh V.

The American blogger, who has argued that rape should be legal on private property, has urged like-minded men to meet on Tyneside this weekend.

And as anger grows about the planned rally, we can reveal some of the worrying views expressed by those who support him.

A user of Roosh V’s online forum, claiming to be from Latin America, has produced what he believes to be a comprehensive guide to Newcastle – and in particular it’s girls – while staying in the city.

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And in it the man, who calls himself El Conquistador, tells how:

  • Newcastle girls are “completely inebriated” on Friday and Saturday nights
  • Men “prowl in drunken gangs”
  • Girls on the Bigg Market have “loose morals”
  • And Newcastle is one of the “easier locations” in western Europe
  • The online post covers everything from the price of accommodation in Newcastle to the city’s transport links.

    But its main purpose appears to be to offer advice on where and how to pull women on Tyneside.

    El Conquistador says of Newcastle girls: “There are three basic categories of girls here in Newcastle. Locals, students and out-of-town ‘weekend warriors’. “Locals will be easier than students but students still won’t be difficult.

    “Because of the TV show Geordie Shore , girls do make a big effort here with make up, heels etc. Friendly to approach and much friendlier compared to London. “Low inhibitions all round and you will find some diamonds in the rough. Students will be a younger and classier bunch but you might need to work yourself into their social circle.

    “All three groups will be completely inebriated on Friday and Saturday nights.”

    The poster also assesses the competition men might have from local lads.

    “Most guys will prowl in drunken gangs that intimidate the girls,” he writes. “They are no competition it terms of game but if you are well dressed and talking to lots of girls then they will get in your face.

    Feminism is about the domestication of men. Feminism wants to force men into being docile, so women have all sexual rights, at no risk. That will be all the less feasible the more violence there is in a society.

    “In some of the places I’ll mention you will find lots of guys who are huge, ripped, well dressed and seem to know everybody. They’ll have the best girls around them so the best policy I’ve found is to befriend them.”

    El Conquistador lists the best places to live in Newcastle as the city centre, the Quayside and Jesmond.

    He describes Jesmond as: “The leafy, upper-middle class area of the city. Rich girls and college-aged girls galore. If you want to find groups of hot 21-year-olds drinking Starbucks on a Tuesday afternoon with a Louis Vuitton bag in the crook of their elbow then this is the neighbourhood.”

    Similarly he rates all the city’s nightspots.

    Of The Gate he says: “I usually start my night here to warm up. You don’t even need to go inside the clubs because you’ll catch plenty of foot traffic outside and you’ll still be dry and warm. If you want to go in a bar I’ve found Players to be fruitful.”

    But he describes Collingwood Street as the ideal hunting ground.

    “The Diamond Strip is basically a 500-yard long road in Newcastle city centre lined on both sides with bars and clubs,” he said. “Many of these bars are next door to each other so you can approach all the girls in one place, strike out then move next door and try a fresh crowd.”

    And he recommends the Bigg Market if you are looking for a crowd with looser “morals”.

    “If you think of the movie Twins then the Diamond Strip would be Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Bigg Market would be Danny DeVito,” he said.

    “Think the type of busted British girls that guys talk about on this forum. Tattoo-sporting, kebab-eating people with questionable dental hygiene will be found here.

    “I wouldn’t discount the Bigg Market entirely though because the loose morals here will make it fairly easy.”

    El Conquistador also advocates hanging round the Metro Centre , Eldon Square and the two universities during the day to pick up women.

    And he summarises Newcastle by saying: “In terms of level of difficulty to get your flag, it is one of the easier locations in western Europe but we’re not talking Thailand or Peru easy. You will need to be ripped and have solid game.

    “In short, a compact city, friendly people and a great training ground to hone your night game skills.”

    Newcastle has been included in a list of hundreds of city’s around the world where Roosh V has planned an International ‘meet-up’ on Saturday night.

    Roosh, whose real name is Daryush Valizadeh, preaches extreme misogyny claiming feminism has made men weak, and he has also advocated making rape legal on private property.

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